Participating Program

Rudare Communications, SL has a program that allows it partners to participate in the retail voice volume that is generated from the KiTi mobile app. We offer win win guarantees based on participation commitment.

Rudare Communications Participating Program

What is the Participating Program?

The participation program is consisting of only two categories:

Rudare’s request

  • Purchase of SIM cards
  • Discount on specific CLI app routes

Partners guarantee

  • All international calls made from the app will be sent to the partners network where user have the partners SIM is being used
  • All incoming “Follow Me” call also will be sent to the partners network where user have the partners SIM is being used

Rudare Communications Guarantee

To route 100% of all calls through the operator providing the person making the call has the SIM card of that operator.

That if the person that is making a SIP call and it connects via PTSN, the PTSN portion of the call will go through the participating network

That the person that is utilizing a “Follow-Me” number to phone, the owner of the “Follow-Me” number and the owner of the SIM is on the participating operator, we 100% guarantee that the call will be routed through the participating operator.

That we will pass data calls via the participating operator providing we have a data agreement in place.

That if the person select WiFi via their cell, we will try a data call with the participating provider first to ensure quality otherwise WiFi will be utilized.

That the provider does not have to provide an “A to Z” routing list. They can provide Rudare with their target list and we will route call to the appropriate network accordingly.

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