Rudare SMS system is an Application to Person (A2P) messaging solution that allows you to manage bulk messaging services around the world, taking advantage of an instant and direct way of leveraging mobile communication with the best quality routes.

Global coverage

Reach all operators around the world with just one connection.


A single contract, eliminating the additional costs and effort required to connect to multiple operators.

Cost effective

Reduced operative costs and minimum investment.

Customer centric approach

Customizable solution which can be adapted to specific needs.

Income generation

Business opportunity due to the worldwide increase of A2P messaging services.

Quality end-to-end service

Including testing of end-to-end interoperability.


  • Routes both unidirectional and bidirectional high quality.
  • Resolution of numerical portability to guarantee the delivery of SMS in the correct network.
  • Support for multiple alphabets, binary content and concatenated messages.
  • Support for opt-in and opt-out functionalities, as well as the blocking of shipping schedules to meet local regulatory requirements.
  • Possibility of integration with client systems through standard APIs: SMPP, Web Services (SOAP, REST) ..
  • Reporting tool, with detailed information of the traffic carried out.
  • Multilingual support 24/7.


  • Global coverage: Reach all operators in the world with a single connection.
  • Simplicity: Single contract, eliminating costs, and additional efforts necessary to sign agreements with multiple operators.
  • Economy. Reduced operating cost and minimum investment.
  • High quality routes: Direct connection with Telefónica operators and many others with competitive prices.
  • Customer orientation: Customized solution according to the needs of each client.
  • Generation of income. Business opportunity due to the worldwide increase in A2P messaging services.
  • End-to-end quality service, which includes end-to-end interoperability testing.
  • Guaranteed quality: Including end-to-end interoperability tests.

Global shipping with the best quality

Rudare’s SMS service is a complete A2P global messaging solution that allows you to manage mass messaging services worldwide, taking advantage of the advantages that SMS brings to the business world, through quality routes.


The Rudare service has a wide coverage worldwide that increases continuously with the incorporation of new operators.

SMS – Wholesale/Retail

  • Began in 2005
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • We currently assist SMS services in Latin America

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