Wholesale & retail international voice termination services with worldwide coverage through our extensive network of interconnections.


Rudare Communications provides international voice termination service with worldwide coverage through its network of interconnections. It is strengthened by wide experience in the voice business and extensive coverage over TDM and IP networks. Our facilities guarantee access to a powerful network of international operators, ensuring a top quality choice. Our wide-ranging coverage enables us to offer the best international voice services at competitive prices. Our company strength lies in service agreements we have made to cover the entire world.

Our resources enable us extend your network without having to expand your infrastructure, maximizing the range of your voice worldwide and avoiding costly investments when you open new routes or enlarge the existing ones. We offer quality for your calls with the routing resources and criteria that international operators demand, with overflows and supervision by a service manager in charge of an optimal, flexible management with availability of a broad range of verified alternatives. These are the foundations that enable Rudare Communications to offer a highly competitive global connectivity solution for voice services.

Since 2005, Rudare communications has provided…


We offer our services to wholesale customers and VoIP operators, so they can offer them to the end customer


We offer our termination and origin VoIP services interconnected with large companies in the market, which guarantees the delivery of the CLI

Expanding VoIP

We have an expanding, powerful and optimized VoIP network to offer a quality service to our customers at competitive prices


We work with carriers able to finish traffic in any country around the world with the highest quality standards in their routes and competitive prices.

SIP Trunking

It offers simplicity of use, rich features, low operating costs, increased productivity and the fastest ROI of all


Aimed at VoIP service providers and retail customers, who demand high-quality VoIP A-Z termination at affordable prices